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Lego Warhol

Obviously we had to make Andy Warhol and his work.
Without his influence on the world, what we do would not be considered art. There’s still quite a few people that don’t, but oh well.

A Lego scene of Andy Warhol with his silkscreen print of dollar billsMany moons ago, we made a model of his electric chair piece and were ready to photograph it, and recreate the silkscreen version.
But, we realised that we had to stand firm on our decision to use unmanipulated Lego pieces.

Its fine to make a proper silkscreen print of this image, but not to digitally recreate the effect of a silkscreened print. It’s way too tacky. Also, how would it work on our pieces? Stickers? Yuk, no way. We actually moan about the stickers that come in Lego sets, so how could we go down this route?

This curtailed the construction of an array of Warhol works and left us a little glum.
We had to find the Lego world equivalent of a Warholesque artwork, or like the repetitious nature of his work, a repeatable unit.


The Lego sculpture of Warhol's MoneyWe had a couple of the green tiles with 100 dollars printed on them, that are used as currency in the Lego minifig world.

A repeating pattern of these tiles gave us a recreation his large silkscreen prints of dollar bills!

The simplicity was a bit disconcerting but isn’t that what Warhol was all about?

And so, just like real life, we had to get some more money…

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