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The original Lego Dalí

1999 – The year we made the original Lego Salvador Dalí…

Lego Salvador Dali Lobster Phone

Going through some archives the other day, we happened upon the coverage of the London Art Fair in 2003. The press were all over our work and in particular, our version of  Hirst’s Shark Tank and Dalí’s Lobster Phone.

We couldn’t believe it was 10 years ago, but then we realised that we originally made the piece in 1999.

The lobster came from the arctic sets, the hard-to-come-by dial phone – from a mid-80’s garage set, and his face came from a 1996 Armada ship’s minifig crew.

Its had some changes since then. We’ve changed his often-copied purple suit to black, given him the neon floodlight treatment, and more recently, done away with the props and photographed a straight portrait of Dalí himself with a new bonkers moustache.

Seem to remember a certain Ricky Gervais buying one of them at the art fair, wonder what  ever happened to him?

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